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We are professional bicycle guides, world travelers, adventurous backpackers, bicycle tourists, and culinary connoisseurs. We’ve lived and worked around the world, and we understand the value of experiencing local culture and getting off the beaten track.

Geoff Willard: Guide / the Dogfish

geoff angkorI’m an east coaster who grew up a student of our human history, amazed by the paths we’ve travelled to this present moment. When I finally discovered the redwoods, rocky coast and rugged mountains of the far west, my fascination expanded to include the flow of natural history.

After a stint as an adventure photographer in Sequoia National Park, I worked for two years restoring creeks and educating youth in Marin County. Then the city lured me in and I began managing educational programs at a local life science museum. I cut my teeth as a guide for conservation photography trips in Yosemite, Pt Reyes National Seashore, Mt Tamalpais, and the Santa Cruz mountains, and am now thrilled to guide bike trips through the wild urban landscape of SF.

I like thinking that in this life we’re all surfing serendipity, a massive and beautiful wave. There are times when we wipe out, but with practice we catch the flow and carve it. And to me the greatest thing about biking in San Francisco is riding the hills likes they’re waves.

Josh Harris: Guide / Mr. Fantastic

Josh bike tour guide at our shop in Hayes Valley

Born in san francisco and raised by coyotes in golden gate park, josh reps the fillmore, crocker park/outer mission, and sunset neighborhoods. He was educated by the city’s public schools and taught in them for 14 years. He had his finger on the pulse of the dot com boom and bust moving furniture and he walked the aisles of candlestick park during the will clark and joe montana eras as a soda, peanut, and malt vendor. However it took leaving San Francisco repeatedly for josh to gain the appreciation he now has for the city. The wandering began with college in San Diego and Boston on a swimming scholarship, where he rode his bike first to the beach and then through the snow (and mud) all year long. It continued by chasing summers in Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brasil, and the California Sierras as a whitewater river guide, safety kayaker, and surfer. Josh is raising three kids in s.f. where they dance, do musical theatre, play in both a salsa and latin jazz band, skateboard, tap, b-boy, and ride MUNI around on their own.

Frisco is special because of the hills, the fog, the people, the pacific ocean, the diversity, and the personality of all the ‘hoods. Fogging up car windows with your girl up at twin peaks, looking back on the city from the wave organ, a local session at much maligned crocker skate park, free disco roller skating in the gym at usf during finals week, the new waterfront aquatics division of S.F. Rec and Park summer camps for kids, cheap dim sum, vietnamese sandwiches, boba milk tea with proper crushed ice, prune humantashens at house of bagles ,ben kyodo manju made fresh for 100 years in the old diner in japan town, S.F. Classic scooter ride in august – 300+ vintage vespas and lambrettas and no red lights, Sunday Streets – true neighborhood street fairs with musicians in doorways and tables of treats in front of the reastaurants and cafes, and finally the Pro-Am summer basketball league at Kezar Gym where i’ve seen Jason Kidd, Gary Payton, Leon Powe, Jason Richardson, Matt Barnes, Brian Shaw, Gilbert Arenas, Jeremy Lin, Mark Madsen, little Isiah Thomas mix it up with local high school, college, and street players.

Beebe Reisman: Guide / Renaissance Woman

Beebe bike tour guide, photo taken in Hayes Valley

Beebe is an Urban lady who has fallen hard for this great city by the Bay. She wears many hats- bike guide extraordinaire, yoga instructor, actor of all sorts, sustainable local small batch condiments maker. Her favorite parts of San Francisco are: Super burritos in the Mission, afternoons in always sunny Dolores park, amazing vegan food and poppin’ yoga scene, the fantastically eclectic people who live here, Watching the Fog change shape, food trucks!

Adam Greenfield: Guide


San Francisco is a rabbit hole: Exciting, mysterious, and it goes as deep as you want it to. I’m happiest when out exploring the neighborhoods, seeking out the back alleys, peeking into gardens (naughty boy!), admiring architectural details, and being invited in for cocktail parties just because I was passing outside. I loved the adventures on day one and I love them now.

As a SoSF guide, I’ve a million stories about this priceless gem of a city. It would be my honor to bring you along to get under the city’s skin and reveal some of its secrets, as well as relate a few of my own quirky SF stories, all delivered with my own trademark wit to keep you on your toes. And the bicycle is a marvelous way to do it. We’ll enjoy a lovely day together; you may even go home and see things differently after taking a tour. It happens all the time!

When not on a bicycle, I’m a local community organizer, particularly known for helping neighbors throw block parties and bringing people out to enjoy their own streets. My own street has broken the SF record for most block parties in one year! You get to know a lot of people doing this.

If I look familiar to you, you may actually be thinking of a certain Mr Russell Brand, to whom I’m said to bear an uncanny resemblance. You are welcome to have a photo with me and to claim you met Mr Brand. I won’t tell.

Vivek Vaidya: Guide


I grew up on the bike paths of Davis, California, and cruising on a bike with friends, both old and new, is always a great time. As a guide, its all about showing visitors an authentic San Francisco experience.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel to about 20 countries, and feel like showing off SF is like traveling without traveling. It’s always fun to hear stories from people around the world. Before moving to SF to attend law school, my list of random gigs include being a college radio host, and English teacher in Colombia, South America.

The City is brimming with culture, and I’m especially fascinated by the distinct character of each neighborhood that can be most intimately felt on bike. Things I like about SF include Richmond district Vietnamese food, lesser known beaches with Golden Gate Bridge views, fantasy Victorian house hunting and the SF park life.

Daniel Watson-Weller: Cofounder

Daniel bike tour guide and SoSF cofounder

I was born and raised in San Francisco and now live 14 blocks away from my childhood home. It took 6 years of traveling in over 34 countries for me to realize that “home” is where I want to be. I love this city, and I love showing it off. The diversity and break up of neighborhoods in this city is so exciting and so unique. A sociology and photography graduate, I have taken my passion of meeting new people and constantly learning wherever I travel. I first discovered biking when studying abroad in Utrecht in the Netherlands and hope that one day San Francisco will cherish the bike as much as the Dutch. After working in one of the top restaurants in Sydney, Australia, I joined the industry’s largest outdoor active travel company creating and leading trips throughout Europe and the United States. Now I am an elementary school teacher, photographer, and cofounder and director of SoSF. I love San Francisco and can’t wait to have you come on our tour.

Things I love about San Francisco: Giants baseball, burritos in the mission, riding my bike across the Golden Gate Bridge into Marin, murals, drinks with my friends at my local bar, my parents, dim sum on Clement Street, roller derby in Fort Mason, people watching at Dolores Park, smiling as the fog rolls in, finding the new hole-in-the-wall ethnic food, photographing street art, going to the farmers markets and then cooking a massive meal, local wine, biking and walking everywhere!

Tim McLaughlin: Cofounder

Tim bike tour guide and SoSF cofounderI’ve always been into bikes. As a child, I was obsessed with BMX bikes; I mountain biked in college; and now ride bikes all over SF, up the easy hills and down the steep ones. I grew up in the midwest and moved to northern California about 12 years ago… I, like many, came out to strike it rich during the first dot com bubble. Well, you can guess what happened. Since then, I’ve lived in San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, and Sapporo, Japan. I led bike tours around northern California and beyond and have helped produce a variety of charity bicycle tours. In December, 2011, I finished up an MBA degree at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. I want SoSF to be a radical, groundbreaking company a la Patagonia or Clif Bar.

Things I love about San Francisco: Wild threads of history, independent movie theaters, growing bike infrastructure (thank you SF Bike Coalition), my neighborhood Chinese and sushi joints, parklets, wine imported all the way from Napa and Sonoma, bike valet at the baseball park, the wiggle, doggies ruling the parks, fresh regional produce, road rides in Marin and the Berkeley/Oakland hills, the SF vibe, whatever that is.

Eoin Canny: Cofounder & Web Dude

bike tour guide and SoSF cofounder

I’m originally from Co. Clare in Ireland, but moved to San Francisco in 1999, and worked for a number of years as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. My passion for the outdoors eventually led me to make a career out of it, and I’ve spent the last six years guiding cycling and hiking trips all over the world. I’m really excited to be involved in SoSF, especially as it gives me the opportunity to use both my interpersonal and tech skills.

Things I love about San Francisco: its long and mild summers, its compactness and diversity, eccentric locals, trail running above the cliffs from Crissy Field to Ocean Beach, Mexican grocery shops, food trucks, the Toronado pub, the views from Bernal Heights, the smell of eucalyptus when cycling in Golden Gate Park, nightlife at the Academy of Sciences, the Carnaval Parade, hanging off the side of a cable car.

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